Digital Enterprise

With a track record in supporting government programmes aimed at helping Yorkshire businesses to grow, Appeal won the contract in December 2017 to deliver PR support for Leeds City Region-wide Digital Enterprise.

Government-backed Digital Enterprise provides funding to enable SMEs to upgrade their digital technology and broadband speeds. One year into our contract and we have generated large amounts of media coverage – more than 100 articles in the first 10 months – and significantly raised the profile of the programme.

Regular news articles, accompanied by striking photography, placed in the Leeds City Region local and regional press, have been essential in showcasing Digital Enterprise and drawing the programme to the attention of businesses.

We have focused on a blend of case studies about some of the firms that have benefited from funding, and news stories highlighting the funding that is available. We have also worked with a video production company to create video case studies on some of the featured companies.

As a result, applications for Digital Enterprise funding have risen consistently, and awareness of the programme is high.