Econ Engineering

Appeal has worked with Econ Engineering, the UK’s largest gritter manufacturer, managing the firm’s media relations and profile, for almost a decade. Econ’s client base is made up of local authorities and other organisations in the market for winter maintenance vehicless.

For Econ, the firm’s reputation in Yorkshire and its local area of Ripon, both as an employer and as an important part of the community, are also vital. Appeal manages a flow of carefully written new stories that serve to highlight Econ’s recruitment needs as well as its investment and CSR activities.

As well as writing and placing expertly written ‘thought leadership’ articles in the key trade publications read by Econ’s local authority clients, such as The Surveyor, Appeal also produces a regular newsletter for the company.

The newsletter is sent out widely to Econ’s clients and associates, showcasing the company’s contract wins and innovative winter maintenance technology.

As well as high levels of media coverage, highlighting the business’ success stories and helping to build the firm’s outstanding reputation, we have worked with Econ in steering several development and expansion schemes through the planning process to completion.