Masters of Sport Directorship course at MMU

Appeal began working with Dr Sara Ward and the team at Manchester Mertopolitan University Business School in May 2017 on a post-graduate course for ex-athletes and business people: the Masters of Sport Directorship (MSD).

When Appeal came on board there was an urgent need to reinvigorate the recruitment of new students for the 2017 cohort due to begin that September.

We used a variety of channels to rapidly build the profile of the course in the sports and business world, as well as carrying out targeted campaigns aimed at the sports and business people that would fit the criteria for potential MSD students.

Appeal’s strategy included:

  • Media relations and PR strategy aimed at sports and business media
  • Targeted LinkedIn campaign aimed at sports governing bodies and former professional sports people
  • Showcasing current MSD students and graduates, digitally and in the media
  • Input into key profile building events such as the Sport Director Convention

The result was a large boost in applications for the MSD course, with a waiting list of applicants for September 2017, as well as for September 2018. The MSD has an increasingly high profile in the media and is cited by a growing number of national and regional sports journalists as a unique and acclaimed preparation for the role of sporting director.